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“A company that builds a loyal social following has a built-in army to promote their content, day in and day out.”


Social Media workshop 

Social media feels like it should be easy.  Just create a profile, and go.  Unfortunately, it’s not always so simple.

Each social media channel has its own unique strategies that are required to be successful.  

This workshop will demystify social media and give you the tools and techniques to use it to build and grow your audience.  

You will discover how you can use social media to maximum effect in your own business.

We like to run this as a very practical session, where we will explore and help you to develop a specific social media channel, looking at how you can improve your presence on that channel.

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Who the workshop is for

This social media workshop is for small business owners and their teams, new marketeers and PR professionals.  We will be looking beyond just setting up your social media profile, but actually creating or improving your social presence on the day.  

We will specifically look at your content strategy, what to share, where to find great content and how to manage your community through each channel.  We will look at the latest tactics and strategies for creating engaging social media that builds loyalty.

During this workshop, we will look at best practice examples and what is working right now.

The social media training will cover:

You will find out all the hidden secrets on how to succeed on the big 4: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
Take you through creating your social media plan

You will be able to choose which social channel (s) are the ones that you should be focusing for your business


Choosing your social media personality and tone

Putting together your content strategy
Building an engaged audience on social media
Creating interesting and engaging social media posts
Your 4 week content plan
Social Media tools to make managing your social media much easier

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About your trainer

Julie Hall is the founder of The School of Marketing.  She is a digital leadership & marketing consultant with over two decades of experience. 

 She has trained over 5000 business owners and marketing professionals in a variety of digital marketing skills and worked with organisations such as Google, Lloyds, The British Library and the Ministry of Justice.  

Julie has run train the trainer session for the Google Digital Garage trainers, showing them how to teach others about social media marketing.



Feedback from this workshop

“I think this SEO workshop was very helpful for my understanding and well the time and effort in getting here today”
Legjin Tshering

“A very informative workshop, giving an overview into the daunting world of SEO!! Definitely recommended”

Sarah Wilson

“It helped me focus on my ‘to do’s’ to get a good SEO result for my website”

Katerin Reimer