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email marketing workshop

“Email has the ability to create valuable, personal touches at scale.”


Email marketing workshop 

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build and grow your business.   It is hands down the easiest way to stay in touch with your clients and potential customers. 

But most businesses aren’t using email as well as they could be… are you one of them? On this email marketing workshop, we show you everything you need to know to get started marketing your business via email.

You will discover how you can turn on this great marketing tool into a regular lead generator for your business.

Email marketing is THE most effective way for you to market directly to your prospects and clients.  When someone leaves your website they are gone for good.

The latest industry statistics state that for every £1.00 spent on email, you can expect a £42.00 return.  What you write and how you communicate through email marketing DOES make a difference to the success of your campaign and this workshop will give you the tools and strategies to make sure that your email marketing works for you.

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Who the workshop is for

This workshop can be customised to suit both marketing professionals and small to medium-sized businesses.   Email marketing is not the right strategy for every business.  It is most appropriate where the business has a direct sales relationship with their clients and customers.  Generally, this means businesses that sell directly to consumers or to small business owners, or where you have a community of clients or customers.

The email marketing workshop will cover:


How to build your email list


How to use email marketing to get more sales

What to write and types of content to include in your emails
What is the best time to send your emails
How frequently to send your marketing emails
How to put together email campaigns and improve them month after month
What are autoresponders and to use them effectively
How to measure the success of your email marketing campaign
The best email tools you can use on the market today

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About your trainer

Julie Hall is the founder of The School of Marketing.  She is a digital leadership & marketing consultant with over two decades of experience. 

 She has trained over 5000 business owners and marketing professionals in a variety of digital marketing skills and worked with organisations such as Google, Lloyds, The British Library and the Ministry of Justice



Feedback from this workshop

“Julie opened my eyes to the full potential of email marketing and how it can be successfully applied to my business. I hadn’t realised just how easy it is”
sandra roycroft davis

Thinking Slimmer

“Julie’s style and depth of knowledge makes this course a must do for any business owner. I urge anyone to take this workshop if they want to make the most of their email marketing.”

Wendy Statton

“Julie continues to offer great value on these courses. This workshop gave the perfect balance of theory and practical skills to create the perfect email strategy. It was great to have hands-on experience with the tools. Highly recommended.”

Cathy Simmons

Therapy Business Academy