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Canva workshop: Graphic design for non-designers

When you are marketing your business online, there are so many places that you need to create image – social media, blog posts, advertising, your website… but getting those images right can be a bit tricky and can be the difference between your brand looking awesome or amateur. 

But graphic designers can be expensive and creating those images can also feel like really hard work.   

In this workshop, we will show you how to create fabulous graphics using Canva.  Canva is a free tool that allows you to create great looking graphics easily and simply – but it’s not intuitive. 

We have used Canva to create downloadables for our website, marketing booklets, presentations and more.  They look very professional and have a wow factor. 

Below is an example of our social media planner that I created in Canva. Once I had created it, at the click of a button, I had a version that was ready to send to the printer with all the right settings automatically created and it has become the most popular download on this website!

Join us for our virtual Canva workshop

Live on December 9 from 10:00 – 1:00 GMT

Who this Canva workshop is for

This Canva workshop is for small business owners and their teams, marketers, social media professionals and PR professionals.  We have delivered this as a public workshop and for marketing teams (saving the organisation thousands of ££’s in design spend).

During this workshop, we will look at design principles as well as how to create brilliant social posts and downloadable pdfs for your business.

This Canva training will cover:


Create fantastic downloadables & workbooks

Design your own great images for social media and your website
How to create your ‘brand’ style
Design principles that will help you create a great graphic everytime
How to choose the right images in the first place
How to crop and resize your images
Where to get inspiration
Creating printable and downloadable graphics

Become your own graphic designer

Images are one of the most powerful ways to create a connection with your audience. Content with relevant images gets 94% engagement than content without. But bad images also have an impact.

They will either turn your audience away or make an impression (perhaps one that you don’t want) about your brand.

So how do you create images that make the right impression rather than the wrong one?

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About your trainer

Julie Hall is the founder of The School of Marketing.  She is a digital leadership & marketing consultant with over two decades of experience. 

 She has trained over 5000 business owners and marketing professionals in a variety of digital marketing skills and worked with organisations such as Google, Lloyds Bank, The Horticultural Association, The British Library and the Ministry of Justice.  

Julie has run train the trainer session for the Google Digital Garage trainers, showing them how to teach others about social media marketing.



Feedback from this workshop

“Great Canva workshop run by Julie last week. I have attended a number of Julie’s workshops and they are always presented in a way that is understandable whatever level you are at – and great fun!”
Carole Elam

“Great Canva workshop today by Julie Hall,. Nice venue and learnt lots of new stuff and definitely going to book the WordPress one next.”

Jacqui Marola

“The School Of Marketing’s new Canva Design course was really interesting, useful and fun. I can’t wait to set up new workbooks, social media posts and other graphics, without paying a designer!”

Tracy rissik

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