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Discover the magic of Canva in a live virtual workshop

This page is for Canva workshops for teams.  If you are an individual or business owner,
visit The Easy Guide to Canva for our online course.

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Discover how to create  professional looking graphics in Canva for marketing

Canva is not as intuitive as we might like it to be ? That’s where our canva training workshop comes in. There are so many tips and tricks that you will discover that will save you time and money!

I have been working with Canva for over 3 years now and it has transformed the way that I create graphics.

So whether your team are beginners or have been using Canva for a while this workshop will help them to take their designs to the next level.

We offer an off the shelf training to take your team through the techniques they will need to build their Canva skills or can deliver a training that is customised to their business design needs.

During this 6 hour live workshop, we provide your team with all the skills they need to deliver their own beautiful designs with Canva.


Why Canva

Canva is an online design platform that enables you to create professional-quality designs for a variety of purposes, including online marketing, social media posts, and print materials.  There are so many different templates and designs that you can use that you will never run out of ideas for visual content to use in your business. 

Who this Canva training is for

This Canva training is for marketing teams, personal assistants, social media professionals and PR professionals… any business who would like their team to start creating their own professional graphics.

During this Canva course, we will look at design principles as well as how to create brilliant social posts, presentations, videos, brochures and flyers for your business.

Companies we have worked with

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Feedback from previous attendees

“Great Canva workshop run by Julie last week. I have attended a number of Julie’s workshops and they are always presented in a way that is understandable whatever level you are at – and great fun!

Carole Elam

Career Vision Global

“The School Of Marketing’s Canva Design course was really interesting, useful and fun. I can’t wait to set up new workbooks, social media posts and other graphics, without paying a designer!”

Tracey Rissik

The Simple Web Company

I thoroughly enjoyed the Canva course, it was extremely insightful and helpful! I use Canva everyday and still learnt something new!

Olivia Bradley

The Ice Co

Julie’s training allowed me to explore how to be creative within our brand guidelines and breathe new life into our social media images.

Charlotte Nixon


Julie is so knowledgeable and friendly! Even in a room of people with all different Canva abilities and experience levels, she was able to give everyone lots of new information to take away and had us all excited to create new visuals. Thank you Julie!

Paula Strang

This Canva training will cover:


Create your own brand board and brand style


Design principles that will help you create a great graphic everytime


How to choose the right images


Creating animations and videos in Canva


Creating printable and downloadable graphics


Creating animations and videos in Canva


Design your own great images and templates for social media and your website


Shortcuts to speed up your Canva process


Creating presentations and flyers


Creating team Canva templates that you can use over and over again

Learn graphic design skills

Images are one of the most powerful ways to create a connection with your audience. Content with relevant images gets 94% engagement than content without. But bad images also have an impact.

They will either turn your audience away or make an impression (perhaps one that you don’t want) about your brand.

To help you with this, we will be doing a session on design principles to help you to create the right impression rather than the wrong one!

Julie Hall

Hi!  I’m Julie Hall

I am the founder of The School of Marketing and have been training teams and business owners how to use Canva for over 4 years.

I first discovered Canva about 5 years ago and have absolutely fallen in love with it as a business tool.    Prior to that, I was an avid Photoshop and Illustrator user.  

If I’m honest, there are some things that you can’t do in Canva like creating your own vector images but for 90% of your graphic design needs, Canva is more than up to the job.  It will speed up your process, help you create much more consistent visual content and help you to be more creative with your designs.

I can’t wait to share all there is to learn about Canva with you!

Canva training options & pricing

90 minute Canva webinar:  This workshop is delivered via Zoom.  Minimal interaction and practice.  Cost: £400

3 hour Canva Training:  Delivered via Zoom.  This workshop will take your team through how to use Canva and give them the opportunity to practice the skills learned.  Recording available after the workshop as long as we have the permission of all the delegates.  Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, we limit the number of attendees to 10. Cost £700

5-6 hour Virtual Canva Training: Delivered via Zoom.  Multiple exercises and opportunities to practice the skills learned using different types of documents.  Can include Video, Presentations, Social Media graphics, Infographics and more.   Cost £900.

Customised Canva Training:  We will build custom exercises around your business, using your graphic styles and images.  Exercises will include using your branding, fonts and colours and be created towards your own needs.  Cost £1200.

If you are looking for just one person, do check out my online course The Easy Guide to Canva, which you can find here.

How to book the Canva workshop for your team

Use the message me button below and contact us to let us know which workshop you are interested in.  We will get back to you within 24 hour to discuss your specific needs and whether you would like our standard Canva workshop or a bespoke one specific to your needs.