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“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.


Bite sized training

Sometimes you just want to learn how to do something, complete a task, understand a strategy, learn a practical skill.  

To help business owners to learn some of the practical skills they need to market their business, we have created bite sized trainings to support them.


90 minute webinar training

What is bite sized training?

These are virtual 90 minute training sessions with a single goal.

They are interactive and practical sessions designed to move people from understanding an idea into practical application.  

These sessions focus on the what rather than the why. 




Who are the bite-sized trainings for?
for Organisations with business communities

The bite-sized training sessions are designed for organisations with audiences of business owners.  You bring the people, we bring the training.  We have a range of sessions of various marketing topics that we can run for you, or we can put together a programme that suits your audiences unique requirement.

Bite-sized training ideas

These are just a few ideas around the types of training that we can deliver for you, but we can also create bespoke training suites to your audience.


Using your brand to standout, identify your brand archetype, and how to use that to create your brand tone of voice.

Linkedin profile

A practical session where we help you to build a LinkedIn profile that will attract your ideal audience.     

content planning

Create your social media content schedule that drives engagement and attracts customers.  


The basics on how to get your website content to the top of Google for the best keywords for your business 

Canva for social

Create your social media posts using Canva, creating your brand style and creating your first Canva

facebook marketing

How to optimise your facebook page and use it to build engagement with your audience.

Google my business

Optimise your Google my Business page to stand out and drive traffic to your website.

email marketing

How to use email marketing to build loyalty, make sales and generate new customers.

CUSTomer profiling

Understanding customer segmentation & demographics and using that to create your customer persona.

facebook ads

Create your first facebook ad using in Facebook,  choosing audiences, structuring and creating your ad.

digital marketing mix

Beat digital marketing overwhelm by choosing the right digital strategies for your business.

VIDEO marketing

How to create simple videos that will drive engagement and build and audience.

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Feedback from our workshops

“The Digital Marketing Workshop was easy and fun. The workshop was practical, insightful and packed with actionable ideas to implement in our business.”
Tosin John

“Interesting, insightful and inspiring! I thoroughly enjoyed the digital marketing workshop I took with The School of Marketing.  I learned a lot and can’t wait to put everything into practice to start growing my brand and business.”

Anna Henebek

“The atmosphere at The School of Marketing workshops is fun and engaging. I would definitely recommend The School of Marketing if you are growing your business.”

Katya Wells

 I attended The School of Marketing’s WordPress course. It was an incredibly rich experience that I continue to recommend to colleagues.”

Neil Courtis