Why having a content marketing strategy matters

Oct 9, 2020 | Blog, Digital Marketing, Marketing

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I believe that content marketing is the foundation of every strong digital marketing strategy (this is why we are running the first in a series of marketing trainings on how to put together your content strategy and plan), but I know that many business owners and companies struggle to get their content strategy right.

I put together this graphic on the ways that we can attract people to our brand.  Using the paid, owned, earned segmentation (paid = when we advertise, owned = our customers and followers, earned = how people find us online and then I added other people’s platforms where we partner with other people)

When you look at this image, the bottom two ways of building awareness are all about content.   Not all content is created equal (and nor should it be), but you do want to have a content strategy that ties all the pieces together effectively.content marketing strategy

Below are the notes that I used as a reference for my live and I thought you might find them useful.  Do check out our content planning masterclass  if you would like to start using content more effectively in your business.

Here are the notes that I prepared in advance of the live…

🧲 What content marketing is good for 🧲

  • It’s a great way to attract new audiences to your business or brand that haven’t heard of you before
  • It’s a great way to build trust – so help your audience to trust you, like you and want to connect more with you
  • It’s a great way to help your audience get to know you – giving you a chance to add some personality to your business or brand. Help your audience to fall a little bit in love with you.
  • Creating engagement and connection with your audience
  • Helping and support your audience with challenges they have
  • It is a great way to take your audience on a journey from first contact to becoming a customer

❓Why it matters ❓

  • 70-90% of the buyers journey is complete prior to engaging a vendor (Forrester)
  • Consumer engages with 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase (Forrester)
  • Consumers are 5x more dependent on content than they were 5 years ago. (Nielsen)

🤔What you want to think about when creating new content? 🤔

5 things to think about when planning your content:

  • What is my business strategy and how is content going to support that …
  • Who am I writing my content for …
  • What topics should I create content about …
  • What platform am I creating content for …
  • How can I promote my content.

✍️🎙️📹📸 Types of content

A few of the type of content that you can create include:

  • Social posts – create social posts that connect and engage with your audience. Be useful, interesting, fun, relevant, informative, empathatic, celebratory, enticing – but you don’t have to be all of these things
  • Blogging – creating a blog on that you optimise for google traffic
  • Guest blogging – writing posts and sharing them on other people’s websites
  • Writing a book and publishing on Amazon
  • Writing an ebook that people can download
  • Photo’s – if you are a great photographer or graphic designer use that skills to enhance your messages
  • Style guides – how to dress yourself or your home
  • Podcasting – create your own to build your own following or reach out other podcasters who are always looking for new guests
  • Video on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, even TikTok. The choice is endless
  • Infographics – use a tool like Canva to break your ideas down into a visual format
  • Webinars – teach people things that are going to help your audience in some way
  • Challenges – a great way to help your audience achieve a goals and lead into working with you further
  • Email autoresponders – build an ongoing relationship with your audience over a period of time – take them on a journey.

⛔ The things that get in people’s way ⛔

Here are some of the challenges that you probably face when thinking about your content marketing strategy and plan

  • Creating content that is good enough
  • Creating content that really speaks to your audience
  • Having the time to create content
  • Content shock – do we really need more content
  • Creating content that is really going to make a difference
  • Fear of people not liking the content that you are creating ie trolls
  • Being visible for your brand and your business

👍 The answer to fixing most of these problems is planning your content and knowing that the content you are creating is going to make a difference.

Create a plan that is easy to execute and deliver so that you make sure you a showing up every week for your audience.

Join us for our content planning masterclass so that you can create a content strategy and plan that is going to make a difference to your business.

Also, check out our post on the 6 steps to creating a content marketing strategy.

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