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We can tell you how great our workshops are, but we think it’s much better if you hear it from people who have worked with us and taken our workshops

I am just amazed at what we accomplished in a day

I worked with Julie at a time when I was looking to raise my visibility as a mentor to therapists, and grow my community using Facebook advertising in a way that remained authentic. I was up against deadlines and overwhelm and I needed help!

We kicked off with a strategy day together and when I look back I’m pretty amazed at just how much was created on the day. We devised a very detailed strategy and took the strategy through to a very workable plan with manageable chunks and clear dates.

Julie continued to support me through the implementation in more ways than I could have hoped, including coaching me through creating videos in such a way that it just feels like a doddle now!

What I love about Julie is that she is immensely knowledgeable and practical and yet she really cares.

If you are ready to take the action yourself, then Julie is your woman for guiding you expertly through to a successful conclusion.

I can’t recommend her highly enough – she is amazing!

Developed a whole new set of strategies

I came to Julie Hall at a time in my business when Ginger was successful, but I didn’t know how to take it to the next level.

I worked with Julie across a range of activities including developing strategies that are appropriate for Ginger. Julie combined ‘tough love’ (which was never too tough) with an enthusiastic and enrolling spirit to help me not only develop a new set of strategies, but also to understand how to do the same in the future for myself.

Implement the strategy. It’s overwhelming to find a new direction for the business as that requires new actions, new suppliers and new content. Julie hand held me through my confused state and has shepherded me into a place of clarity and certainty about my next steps.

I cannot recommend Julie more as a wholehearted, brilliant, experienced and highly knowledgeable expert to take your business to the next step.

Sarah Lloyd Hughes
Brings clarity and helped me move things to a new level

I was in a place where I needed to clarify, move things to a new level and set some new goals as I moved into the future. I was feeling lost, overwhelmed and couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I was burnt out and needed a new sense of direction.

She quickly finds your marketing potential and works with you, challenging you when needed, to come up with the most effective strategies to move forward within your own unique set of circumstances. Julie is inspirational, challenging, kind and genuinely wants you to win.

Dannie Lu Carr
Very authentic presenter and generous information

Very generous with information, a good balance of “how to” detail and overall strategy and detailed insight of how to create multi media products. A very authentic presenter.

Alisdair Inglis
We are Grow
Pitched just right for me

The workshop uncovered a world that I thought would be very complicated but isn’t. It’s completely achievable … The course itself was pitched just right for me.

Marion Forkin
Marian Forkin
Tips and strategies that you can implement straight away

I attended Julie's SEO workshop recently and it was fabulous. Julie gives you tips and strategies that you can implement straight away. I'm a newbie to SEO and Julie explained everything so well and with lots of examples. The course is interactive and highly practical. Loads of content and time to think about how to take the best action. Great value and a good day!

Beverley Bramwell
Career Consultant
Highly Recommended

I'd done workshops before with Julie but the SEO workshop was the first School of Marketing event I'd attended. She continues her tradition of giving value to the max; delivering the most valuable information that any entrepreneur needs. You know exactly what to do after the course. I would recommend her courses to budding and established entrepreneurs, whether you want to act on her advice and do the work yourself or hire someone, you need her insights to do both well.

Jacq Burns
Literary Agent and Founder of The London Writers Club
So delighted, I booked another one straight away!

I went to the workshop on social media strategy last month - this was my first workshop with Julie and it certainly won't be my last! In fact, almost immediately afterwards I signed up for 'How to Succeed at Email Marketing' because I was so impressed with Julie's style.

I wasn't sure what to expect of this first workshop but I was delighted by how much I learnt on the day and how well-equipped I felt to really take some action. The level of knowledge wasn't overwhelming, instead I felt truly equipped to go forward with my own social media strategy. I look forward to my next workshop with Julie.

Esther Zimmer
Writer and Lifestyle Coach
An incredibly rich experience

I attended Julie's WordPress course at the British Library. It was an incredibly rich experience which I continue to recommend to colleagues.

More than this though it is based on a genuinely empowering idea - that many technological tools are now high-quality and free if only you know how to use them. Julie genuinely "teaches people how to fish" and this is a rare and wonderful quality.

Neil Courtis
Director, Sensible Media

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