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What’s in the Playground Pack?

Digital marketing toolkit

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A fill-in-able Playbook

A workbook that gives you prompts and cues to help you decide what your strategy should be.


Video & Audio File

Watch and listen any time you like.


Playbook Notes

You’ll get a cloud based version AND a printable pdf version of all my notes that I use in this training.


So Marketing Club

You’ll be invited into our private VIP Facebook group where you can share your plans and ask for feedback.

What some of our attendees said…

I feel much more confident (after the training) and will share this to spread the load around the team so they can learn and be more confident.  The training was full of content with great delivery and very practical.

Gina Lazenby

Julie’s delivery with a mixture of great insights, tips, no nonsense plans and the slides to allow us to read as well as listen.  I like her direct approach that delivers what’s been offered without a ton of fluff and bravado.

Claire-Louise Hardie

I really enjoyed the breadth of the topics covered and the chance to sift out what I need to use for me and what I can discard at this stage. I feel better now and have more insight into what I need to focus on to get started.

Carolyn Boddington

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