Can your business be a business for good?

At the School of Marketing, we've been thinking a lot about how we can give back or just give as part of our business proposition. It is my fundamental belief that a business can be both socially supportive and profitable at the same time.  Holly Tucker, on her...

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Your one stop guide to hashtags

How did hashtags start? The 23rd August 2007 might not go down in history as defining moments in the modern world, but it’s certainly had a big impact on how we communicate over social media. It was the first day that Chris Messina, a designer at Google, suggested...

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B2B Marketing Expo Masterclasses in 2019

We are so excited to be exhibiting at The B2B Marketing Expo, which is now less than 6 weeks away. We can’t believe how quickly it is coming around.  There are so many great speakers and exhibitors that are going to be there.  So to make sure you’re as prepared as...

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10 ways to use Valentines Day to market your business

Some love it some hate it and whilst it may not be your bag, Valentine’s day is a good opportunity for small business to connect with their customers and offer something fun and engaging. It’s been shown that some companies can double their email enquires with...

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The School of Marketing to partner with the B2B Expo

We’re very excited to announce that we will be an official partner of the B2B Marketing Expo. That’s right, this year we have partnered up with Europe’s greatest marketing event, that will be taking London’s ExCeL by storm on the 27th & 28th March, to connect...

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Hiring a freelance sales person: 10 rules to success

Hiring a commission only sales person to promote your products may seem like a no-brainer, but Liz Sparkes from Physis knows the pitfalls and offers 10 Rules for success Forewarned is Forearmed! Many businesses have historically used the services of self-employed...

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How to follow up networking events

This certainly been a great year for networking.  So many new forums were set up and it seemed for many, networking became a key factor of their marketing and business development activities.  But in chatting to some entrepreneurs, they’ve been disappointed by the...

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Manage time better and avoid the time thieves

Manage time like you mean it! Getting stuff done it hard.  Saying no is hard.  Having no money in the bank – that’s REALLY hard!  Learning how to be more effective and manage time better is one of the most important skills you will need to develop as a small...

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20 Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Marketing your small business can be hard.... and confusing ... and overwhelming. We are so overloaded with things to remember and things to do, that coming up with some newer ways to help promote our business can be challenging. Over the past few weeks, I’ve...

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