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Your one stop guide to hashtags

Like with any marketing strategy you need to analyse your hashtags so you can find what works and repeat it. Take time to track the engagement of your posts and work out what hashtags bring you the best new followers, click throughs or enquiries... read our latest post to find out what we recommend.

Negotiating in business

10 Keys To Better Negotiating In Business

Odds are you negotiate all the time.  But the question is, are you conscious of it and are you any good at it? 1. Build rapport in the beginning and all along the way. Negotiation is often viewed as a battle, a contest, or a tug of war. But the goal of...


10 ways to use Valentines Day to market your business

Some love it some hate it and whilst it may not be your bag, Valentine’s day is a good opportunity for small business to connect with their customers and offer something fun and engaging. It’s been shown that some companies can double their email enquires with...