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If you’d like to have a copy of the training, audio file, workbook and access to the So Marketing Club to connect with me and ask your questions, you can get your Playbook Pack here before it goes up to £17.00.


I’d love to get your feedback on the training.  Once you give your feedback, you’ll get a link to my 66 Different types of content that you can create to market your business.

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We covered a lot of information in the training.  Here are a few links that I promised…

Email marketing software >>Convert Kit

Email marketing software >> Mailer Lite

Popup Plugin >> ConvertPlug

Article: 69 Highly Effective Lead Magnet Ideas

* Note … some of these are affiliate links


I feel much more confident (after the training) and will share this to spread the load around the team so they can learn and be more confident.  The training was full of content with great delivery and very practical.

Gina Lazenby

Julie’s delivery with a mixture of great insights, tips, no nonsense plans and the slides to allow us to read as well as listen.  I like her direct approach that delivers what’s been offered without a ton of fluff and bravado.

Claire-Louise Hardie

I really enjoyed the breadth of the topics covered and the chance to sift out what I need to use for me and what I can discard at this stage. I feel better now and have more insight into what I need to focus on to get started.

Carolyn Boddington

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