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 One of the greatest value a mentor can bring, is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.


One to one marketing guidance

 We offer digital marketing mentoring and support you with your marketing activities and initiatives with Julie Hall, our founder.  She works with people across all levels of an organisation from people who have been promoted into a senior marketing role, to business owners to marketing team members.

Our mentoring packages offer the right level of marketing support to suit your needs.

Digital Marketing Mentoring
Marketing mentor

What is the right kind of support for you?

We offer a range of options to suit you.  We can help you plan a campaign, learn how to use a specific technology, or help you build out your marketing strategy.  

Our aim is to join you on your journey and to help you create the right strategy across the long term. Julie can provide ongoing support that is designed around your business goals and tailored to fit the needs of your business. Not all businesses are alike, so this personal approach might be just what you are looking for.



Why choose Julie Hall as your digital marketing mentor?

Julie Hall has been working with marketing professionals and business owners how to market and grow their business for over 10 years.

She is a specialist in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Advertising, Blogging, LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, Podcasting & more.

She is a practicing digital marketing professional, runs CMI Level 7 Digital Leadership and Digital and Social Media Marketing workshops and continues to work with organisations to create and run digital marketing campaigns.


There are a few ways that we can support you…


Choosing your social channels and improving your social presence

We help you identify where you should be focusing your time and attention on social media and how to improve your existing presence.


Social brand and tone of voice

Together we will create your brand tone of voice so that you can connect and engage your audience.


Campaign planning and support

Helping you to create and run effective marketing campaigns that get results.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Helping you to develop a digital marketing strategy for your organisation that meets your business goals

Team mentoring

Book a half day or day to get your team member up to scratch with some of the key elements of marketing that are important for your business.


Website review and guidance

Your website is your home on the web and a poorly designed website will be costing you money.  We can help you find the holes and advise you on how to fill them.


Personal branding

We will help you to grow and improve your professional brand online.

Content Planning & Scheduling

One of the biggest challenges for marketers is keeping on top of the content requirements for their organisation. We will help you develop a never-ending content plan.

Search Engine Optimisation

Put together a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and content plan that will drive traffic to your website.

Marketing Leadership

Need someone to discuss your marketing challenges with? We can put together a package specifically to help you over the short or long term.

Ready to take action?

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Mentoring Case Study

Ginger Public Speaking


Sarah had already achieved a lot of success with her business, Ginger Public Speaking, and had built a strong reputation as one of the leading public speaking training companies in the UK.

However, she wanted to up her game and start to scale up her business

As part of working together we:

  • conducted a social media and website audit.
  • put together a marketing plan for new products and services.
  • initiated a new website build.
  • put together a content plan.
  • reviewed the customer’s path to purchase.
  • reviewed their marketing funnel and identified improvements.
  • developed a lead magnet to optimise the organic traffic that they were already getting.
  • channel and marketing recommendations to increase their pipeline and improve conversions.
  • advice and support on where to get information you need to progress this.
  • basic look at internal systems and processes around technology & workflow.
We worked together over four months developing the new strategy for Ginger, getting the new website designed and developed and implementing the new marketing strategy and materials.
Since then, Ginger Public Speaking has gone from strength to strength as they progress their business.

Sarah Lloyd HughesI came to Julie Hall at a time in my business when Ginger Public Speaking was successful, but I didn’t know how to take it to the next level.

I was aware that there was a huge amount of potential to grow my online business. My knowledge and business skill had run out and I was feeling lost about next steps.

Over four months Julie has worked directly with me to:

Analyse the successes and weaknesses of my business as it stood. We celebrated the good bits and unpicked the strange and unsuccessful bits.

Learn about online best practices. Julie’s knowledge is right at the forefront of everything that’s going on online – and she is incredibly generous at sharing her knowledge. This woman knows her stuff.

Develop strategies that are appropriate for Ginger. Julie combined ‘tough love’ (which was never too tough) with an enthusiastic and enrolling spirit to help me not only develop a new set of strategies, but also to understand how to do the same in the future for myself.

Strengthen my marketing brain. Spending time with Julie is always a highly value adding opportunity to learn about language that sells. As an example, she spent an hour or more talking me through a list of my suggested blog articles and giving me direct feedback as to which would work, which wouldn’t and why.

Implement the strategy. It’s overwhelming to find a new direction for the business as that requires new actions, new suppliers, and new content. Julie handheld me through my confused state and has shepherded me into a place of clarity and certainty about my next steps.

All in all, this has been an incredibly fruitful relationship, which I am confident will add significant revenue to my business in the coming years. As to the long-term impact, it has been priceless.

I cannot recommend Julie more as a wholehearted, brilliant, experienced and highly knowledgeable expert to take your business to the next step.

Sarah Lloyd Hughes, Founder: Ginger Public Speaking

Lightened the mental load

I just had my VIP Day, to kick off six months mentoring. I knew it would be good but I didn’t anticipate how good or just how practical it would be. We got into the nitty gritty straight away. It’s testament to Julie’s expertise that just the act of talking about my business in so much detail seemed to lighten the mental load and give me a fresh perspective on it, as well as a clear sense of how to move forward. I feel buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm and look forward to what’s to come.

Naomi Leon
Research Roots

Challenging, motivating, inspiring

Julie has challenged, motivated and inspired me. Our time together has been productive and packed with ideas, advice and guidance. She’s generous with her knowledge and encouragement and comes highly recommended. Since working together, I have managed to increase my email list organically by over 300 people in less than a month.

Rachel Miller
All Things IC


My marketing confidence has grown in leaps and bounds

I’ve worked with Julie for the past year and have watched my business, and my confidence, grow in leaps and bounds as a direct result. The value of having someone in your corner who will provide the insight to help you streamline, sense check or accelerate and who at times provides the tough love needed to keep showing up when it would be easier to quit is immeasurable. The results are – and continue to be – everything I could have hoped for but never quite expected to happen.

Teresa Mitrovic
TM & Co // High Performing Teams


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About your mentor Julie Hall


Julie Hall is the founder of The School of Marketing and a digital leadership & marketing consultant with over almost two decades of experience. 

She is regular trainer on topics such as digital marketing, marketing strategy, and digital leadership. 

She has worked with the Ministry of Justice, Barclays Bank, The British Library, Freeformers, Lloyds Bank, The Careers and Enterprise Company, and Google. 

She has trained and consulted with hundreds of organisations and individuals to support them with their digital projects.

Prior to running the School of Marketing, she was the Managing Director of Springmedia, a digital agency based in Surrey and founder Women Unlimited, a 20,000 strong community of female business owners in the UK.


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