Raise your profile Webinar Replay

Raise your profile Webinar Replay

Prior to our Business Visibility Masterclass, we  did a Q&A webinar with Jessica Huie, Natasha Courtenay Smith where we made ourselves available to answer any questions about how to get more visibility for your business. As it was the first time doing this kind of...
10 strategies on how to be a better networker

10 strategies on how to be a better networker

Networking is one of those skills that can make or break your business.  And sadly, it’s not always intuitive about how to do it well. One of the most important skills I learned as I moved up the corporate ladder, that still serves me well today is the art of...
Creating a customer avatar

Creating a customer avatar

Do you know the things in life they’re hoping for? If not, why not? Having a complete picture of a specific ‘ideal customer’, or persona, can help you to develop the right products and services just for them. If you know exactly who it is that you are dealing with,...

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